Q. What training does Kitchenmaster offer?

A. Kitchenmaster offers a wide range of training:
• Kitchenmaster offer full product and system training to distributors and their sales team / reps.
• Training is also given to distributor’s end usercustomers on issues such as how to use the product, dilution rates,dosing and COSHH etc.
• Coffee Time Training is also available to support end user customers with the training of their staff.

Q. What type of training is available for distributor’s end user customers?

A. A member of Kitchenmaster staff will initially go along with the sales reps and give training to end user customers until they feel confident enough to do it themselves. For example this training could take place with nursing home, restaurant or hotel staff and would involve some COSHH training, information on how to use the products, dosing systems and dilution rates etc.

Q. What is Coffee Time Training?

A. Coffee Time Training is an induction, refresher and on-going training course on the following modules:

– Induction to Food Safety
– Managers hygiene check
– The BHR Clean Glass Management
– Accommodation / Housekeeping System
– Washroom Maintenance
– General Maintenance Highlighting Floors
– Laundry Processing System
– Cleaning Processes

This is an in-house training system which essentially takes the ‘trainer’ out of the training therefore saving on time. Similarly there are no expensive consultation fees therefore saving on costs.

From an EHO point of view or for insurance purposes, Coffee Time Training shows that the company / employer who are using this training tool have some type of system and hygiene check in place.

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